Sunday, December 30, 2012

Waga’s Big Scare by Samuel Hiti - OPTIONAL

Hiti, Samuel Waga’s Big Scare, Carolrhoda Books, 2012.  $16.95. Content: G. PICTURE BOOK. 

Waga is a creepy little monster who likes to scare.  Unfortunately for him, his scare is lost.  If he doesn’t find his scare before morning, Waga will disappear.  He searches around all sorts of spooky haunts to find it, with no luck.  When it seems that Waga will be gone forever, he remembers where to find his lost scare.  

When I opened this book the interesting illustrations and catchy start to the story made it seem pretty promising.  I love a bit of nonsense, but this was too disjointed.  Everything just suddenly happened or just “was” because the author decided it to be so.  There wasn’t much flow to the story.  The ending is supposed to give a good scare, but I just wasn’t impressed.  

Pre-K, El (K-3)-OPTIONAL. Reviewed by: Shay, Library Media Specialist

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