Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Superheroes Employment Agency by Marilyn Singer –OPTIONAL

Singer, Marilyn and Illustrated by Jones, Noah Superheroes Employment Agency 40 pgs. Clarion Books, 2012. $12.74.  (Rating: G)
This poetry book reveals an odd assortment of second rate superheroes who are trying their very best. They make up the Superheroes employment agency. Weathergirl, Herkuleez, and many more tell their stories. Features bright and colorful slapdash imagery and even an interesting variety of formats –parts are presented as comics.
I really wanted to like this book. I think fans of Captain Underpants will be drawn to this art style. But all the mini-stories just didn't flow well, and they weren't funny. Although its true that graphic novel & superhero books draw in reluctant readers- I can’t help but think that a poetry-reluctant student might do better elsewhere. 
ELEMENTARY –OPTIONAL Reviewer: Stephanie Elementary Librarian & Author.

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