Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Flutter by Gina Linko - ADVISABLE

Linko, Gina Flutter, 342 pgs. Random House New York, 2012. $16.99. Language: R (10 swears, 5 f’s); Mature Content: PG;

Emery suffers from seizures. Her father is a neurologist who studies every seizure and has Emery in the hospital full time now that the seizures have gotten so bad. Emery tells her friend Gia that she just wants to live her life and not be a lab rat to her father who doesn’t even believe her when she tells him that she is time travelling when she seizes. She would see her mother and grandfather in her travels and often saw a little boy who was giving her clues to a mystery she needed to figure out. Every time she tried to convince her father she realized how much he wasn’t going to believe her. He had his own theories and wanted to cut open her head and remove part of her skull. She knew that she needed to escape and figure out what the little boy wanted her to know. Little did she know that the little boy would help her find love and the true meaning to the seizures.

I enjoyed this book. There is a huge twist to the story that I didn’t expect. I felt like I really knew the characters in the story and in some cases could feel the urgency of her quest to help the little boy which in turn was helping her. 


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