Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Flight of the Last Dragon by Robert Burleigh - ADVISABLE

Burleigh, Robert Flight of the Last Dragon. Philomel Books, 2012. $16.99. Language: G; Mature Content: G; Violence: G. PICTURE BOOK.  

This epic poem invites the reader to come and see the last dragon. Ultimon, the last dragon, lives all alone beneath the subway.  He mourns for the days when his friends ruled the earth. He emerges from his dark tomb to fly once again.  He is drawn by a voice into the heavens. His scales become golden.  He is home.  The reader can see his light in the sky in the form of Draco, the constellation. The final page explains and shows the constellation, Draco, in the night skies.   

The beautiful illustrations in this book add emotion to this story of the last flight of Ultimon. The simplistic poem brings rhythm to the spoken story to heighten interest. The reader can feel the sorrow and elation as Ultimon wings his way to heaven. 


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