Monday, January 8, 2018

Zack Delacruz ; Me and My Big Mouth by Jeff Anderson

Anderson, Jeff  Zack Delacruz, 170 pgs. Sterling Children’s Books, 2015.  $9.99. Language: G (0 Swears, 0 “f”); Mature Content: G; Violence: G

This book is about a sixth grader named Zack.  Zack didn’t have many friends.  His only true friend was Marquis.  The school had an assembly about bullying, and everybody mocked the person who was in charge of the assembly.  Jose was the school bully, and he is often rude to Zack.  One day, the class was having fun in the library, and Jose and Zack are dancing in front of the class. Mrs. Darling, the teacher, decided that Zack and Jose would be the leaders for the fundraiser.  The fundraiser was for the school dance, and the only way the sixth graders could go to the dance, was if they raised the right amount of money. Janie was another kid who wasn’t popular, and she was constantly bullied too. One day, Jose was picking on her, and Zack stood up for her. This was a big mistake, because everyone started picking on both of them for being a “couple”, even though they didn’t like each other.  Janie took more chocolate boxes to sell, which made Zach really appreciate her.  Unfortunately, Janie has an “accident,” that temporarily ruins the opportunity.

I enjoyed this book, mostly because it was simple to comprehend.  Also, it’s fun to put yourself in other’s shoes to see what their experiences are.  This book was very fun, because it took several unexpected turns. I would definitely recommend this book for middle schoolers, and 6th graders. 

EL, MS - ADVISABLE 8th grade Student Reviewer TT

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