Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Stick Dog Craves Candy by Tom Watson - ADVISABLE

Watson, Tom Stick Dog Craves Candy, 208 pgs. Harper Collins, 2017. Content: G. 

Stick Dog and his friends Mutt, Karen, Stripes and Poo-Poo are once again looking for food. There are little humans all dressed up in costumes carrying bags and buckets. When the little humans go to the doors of houses, the big humans give them candy. How can the dogs get in on this?  

Another silly offering by Watson, book 7 is just as much fun. Although each book stands on its own - Book 1 should be read first.  The illustrations are simple and funny (and are the best part of the book)  A very easy read, this series would be a great transition into chapter books. While the humor would not be lost on middle schoolers, the simplicity of this text is better suited for elementary school.  

EL - ADVISABLE Lisa Librarian

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