Monday, May 1, 2017

Phoenix by S.F. Said-NO

Said, S.F., ill. by Dave McKean, Phoenix. Pgs. 496. Candlewick Press, 2016. $19.99. Lanuage: G, Mature Content: PG, Violence: PG

Lucky lies a relatively normal life, except that he dreams about stars singing to him. When he and his mother get caught with an illegal astrolabe, Lucky finds his mom captured by the Shadow Guard and himself on the run from them. Forced to rely on the ramshackle alien ship and crew his mom had procured for him, he soon finds that his father is also kidnapped from the war front. With a dangerous power that could change the course of the war, can Lucky save the universe and his family?

This book starts out promising. It opens with actions, mystery, and intrigue that makes the reader want to read more. It just goes downhill from there, however. The plot drags on for another 150 pages. The characters are likable and interesting, but not enough to hold the average reader’s interest. This book would be best suited for those who are hard-cord science fiction and mystery fans. Due to the limited interest of this book, I would not generally recommend adding this to a library collection.

EL. MS. NO. Reviewer: Kira M, Youth Services Librarian, WHI Public Library. 

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