Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hear the Wolves by Victoria Scott - ADVISABLE

Scott, Victoria Hear the Wolves, 240 pages. Scholastic, inc, 2017. $9.65. Language: PG (mild swears 3, 0 “f’) Mature Content:PG, smoking a cigarette; Violence: PG-13(gore, gun use, and stabbing) .

Sloan is a hunter so she should be brave right? But ever since her mother left and she partially lost her hearing in a blizzard she has become quite shy and cannot go anywhere without her dad or sister near by. But when her dad and her sister leave her for what is only supposed to be two nights a blizzard hits stopping all contact to the outside world. And a fellow citizen gets hurt in an accident but with limited resources and no food they need to escape the small alaskan town or freeze and be eaten by wolves.

I really liked this book. It is very action packed and has a slight horror aspect. This book was very fun and smart, but at the same time it was very well written. I do recommend this book for those that like suspense and action. More of the suspense comes from the wolves and the woman who was stabbed, and the action comes from many character’s choices in the book. The book came across very blunt and fast paced with many problems addressed very early which is a very good aspect of the book. MS, HS - ADVISABLE  8th Grade Student Reviewer AS

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