Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Mission: Back to School by Susan Hood - ADVISABLE

Hood, Susan Mission: Back to School, PICTURE BOOK. Random House. 2016. $16.99. Content: G. 

What if the first day of school were really a Top-Secret Mission? In Mission: Back to School, readers embark on a new mission to take away the first day jitters. If they're up for the task, they receive classified information. They experience the mission from the first step to Suit Up, all the way to building diplomatic relations and gathering for debriefing.There's many more steps along the way, but ultimately, we find out if the mission at school was a success. 

This book is a continuation of Mission: New Baby. While this was a creative approach to sharing what the first day of school would entail, it seems the content is a bit difficult for the desired age group of readers to understand. All of the aspects of a top secret mission provide some more challenging vocabulary.  

EL (K-3) - ADVISABLE. Reviewer: Amy, Elementary Teacher.

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