Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dogs at War : Military Canine Heroes by Connie Goldsmith - OPTIONAL

Goldsmith, Connie Dogs at War : Military Canine Heroes, NON-FICTION, 104 pgs. Twenty First Century Books (Lerner Publishing Company), 2017. $35.99. Content: G. 

Military Working Dogs (MWD) have been used by America’s armed forces since just after WWI.  In fact, civilians were asked to lend their dogs to the cause during WWII. Today, most MWDs are bred in Europe or at Lackland Air Force base in Texas, and trained all over the country to find the enemy, detect drugs and explosives, and warn of danger as guards and companions.  These dogs are treated like soldiers, given military rank and respect, and are responsible for saving hundreds even thousands of lives.  They are war heroes who risk their lives, but seem to enjoy their work.  The handlers are also specially trained and work in tandem with these special dogs.  

This book tells the stories of some of the individual dogs and their partners, as well as the program that trains and maintains them.  A fascinating read with a lot of information, including websites and books for further reading.  Full of photographs of the servicemen and their MWDs, the dog lovers and the kids who like military books will enjoy this.  

EL, MS - OPTIONAL  Lisa Librarian

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