Friday, March 10, 2017

Little Billy-Bob Eats It All Up by Pauline Out - OPTIONAL

Oud, Pauline Little Billy-Bob Eats It All UpPICTURE BOOK. Clavis Publishing. 2016. Content: G. 

Little Billy-Bob is at it again but going through the routine of eating when he's hungry! With his friend Fifi, they eat a delicious meal together! He first hears Fifi's tummy rumble, and his won't stop either! They are so hungry they eat their porridge, bananas, apples, drink some water, gobble up their toast, eggs, and carrots. Their tummies no longer grumble. 

This is a great story for parents and children to snuggle up and read together over and over. There are questions throughout the story that lend themselves to a discussion with each page. The structure of the book is a mix between a board book and a hard cover picture book. The pages are a little more sturdy. The illustrations are cute and inviting. 

Pre-K - OPTIONAL. Reviewer: Amy, Elementary Teacher.

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