Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Summer Taught His Cats to Read by Curtis Manley - OPTIONAL

Manley, Curtis The Summer Nick Taught His Cats to Read, illustrated by Kate Berube.  PICTURE BOOK.  Paula Wiseman (Simon), 2016.  $18.

Nick loves his cats, but when he tries to read they are always in his face.  When he decides to teach them to read, Verne takes to it right away, but Stevenson refuses to cooperate.  Verne and Nick are worried, until they find out what Stevenson’s passion really is so that they can share the joy of story with him.

While there is a little bit of foreshadowing in the illustrations, there is a plot point that will jar most adult readers.  If you can ignore that, the book is not without it charms.  However, How Rocket Learned to Read does the same thing without the holes.

Pre-K, EL (K-3) – OPTIONAL.  Cindy, Library Teacher

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