Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Fixit Man by Irma Wilde - ADVISABLE

Wilde, Irma  The Fixit Man Illustrated by George Wilde  Grosset and Dunlap, 1952 (Penguin).  $7.99  PICTURE BOOK  Content: G.   

Jimmy Jinks is a fixit man.  He goes around his town ringing his bell and helping people fix everything from lawnmowers to umbrellas.  He has a great idea to go out and travel because their might be people in different places that need his help.  He meets many grateful people and helps them fix their tools.   

This book is vintage and has a Golden Book feel to it.  The illustrations are older but the delightfully helpful Mr. Jinks will appeal to little people who like to help fix things around the house.   

EL (K-3)-ADVISABLE.  Reviewer, C. Peterson.

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