Saturday, January 30, 2016

Prince of a Frog by Jackie Urbanovic - ESSENTIAL

Urbanovic, Jackie Prince of a Frog.  PICTURE BOOK.  Orchard Books, 2015. $17.99
Content: G

A young frog is convinced he was not meant to be a frog.  A turtle in the pond suggests that he is the prince that was turned into a frog. To turn back into a prince he just needs to find a princess to kiss him.  The frog leaves the pond to find his princess, and finds a fox whom says he wants to help, but really just wants to eat him.  Then he finds a dog whom he gets along great with.  He’s disappointed when the dog kisses him and he does not turn into the prince he thought he was. The dog helps him to like himself for who he is and now who he wants to be.

This story has a great message for any age.

EL (K-3) - ESSENTIAL.  Reviewer: SM

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