Saturday, January 30, 2016

Frosted Kisses by Heather Hepler - ESSENTIAL

Hepler, Heather Frosted Kisses 261 pages, Point, 2015, $17.99 Language:G(0 swears; 0 “f”); Mature Content:PG;Violence:G 

Penny has quickly adapted to life in Hog's Hollow. Her family runs a cupcake shop and she lives with her grandma. Then she starts to like a cute boy, but the most popular (and most mean girl) likes him too. along with a fight over the boy, Penny starts to get bullied. Can she figure out who is bullying her and solve her problems with romance, or will she be put into a void of darkness? 

I liked this book. It was the perfect amount of romance for me to handle. It also led me to believe that things can get rough, but you can control just how rough they get. Mature Content is PG because it is talking about romance and teen bullying. 

MS-ESSENTIAL Student Reviewer: JM(7th grade)

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