Friday, January 22, 2016

The Hueys in It Wasn’t Me by Oliver Jeffers - OPTIONAL

Jeffers, Oliver. The Hueys in It Wasn’t Me.  PICTURE BOOK.  Philomel Books, 2014 $17.99.  Content: G

Usually the Huey’s got along, but sometimes they didn’t.  When Gillespie came across the Huey’s who were arguing, he tried to figure out what they were arguing about.  After much thought the Huey’s weren’t sure what they even started to argue about.  

The story is simple and does not seem to have much of a storyline.  Like the text, the pictures are simple and do not take up much room on the page.  I’m not so sure kids will pick up on the message of not arguing over things that aren’t important.  It seems too subtle of a message.

EL - OPTIONAL.  Reviewer: SM

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