Monday, January 25, 2016

Sage and the Journey to Wishworld (Star Darlings #1) by Shana Muldoon Zappa and Ahmet Zappa –ADVISABLE

Zappa, Shana Muldoon and Ahmet  Sage and the Journey to Wishworld (Star Darlings #1) 164 pgs. Disney Press, 2015. $12.99  Content: Language: G (0 swears); Mature Content: G Violence: G
Starland is a whole other place with its own magical people. They survive off the power of good wishes of humans from Wishworld (Earth). Sage is a young girl who has been accepted to the Starling Academy, where she will be trained to grant these wishes when she grows up. But right away she is assigned to a new experimental group called the Star Darlings, where 12 young trainees get a chance to grant wishes right away. Sage gets the call to go first and must travel to earth on shooting star in order to find the child that needs a wish granted, but earth is strange place, and Sage has a lot on her plate.
This book is seriously hard to describe since it builds a whole fantasy world, including a 7 page glossary of unique Starland words! Honestly I am a bit torn about adding this series to the library. It would be SO appealing to 1-2 grade girls and is the size of a younger chapter book. But the vocabulary and content would be better for 4 grade level. It’s almost sickly sweet and is for sure an over the top girly read, but once you fall into the world, its actually fairly interesting. There are some great lessons about friendship in this book as well. I think I will give it a try with students readers and update this review.  
EL (K-3), EL –ADVISABLE  Reviewer: Stephanie Elementary School Librarian & Author.

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