Saturday, January 30, 2016

Daddy Sat on a Duck by Scott Cohn - OPTIONAL

Cohn, Scott M. Daddy Sat on a Duck.  PICTURE BOOK.  Little Brown and Company, 2015. $15.00.
Content: G.

When a little girl keeps noticing strange animal noises emanating from places in her house, she finds nothing other than her parents when she goes to investigate.  She even asks kids at school if they have a zoo living in their house.  When they respond in the negative, she really begins to worry that something is quite wrong with her house.  It’s not until she confronts her dad that she discovers the noises are just part of her normal.  This is cute book that I think lots of kids can relate to, especially if they have a stinky dad.
EL (K-3) - OPTIONAL.  Reviewer: SM

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