Friday, January 8, 2016

Dandelions by Katrina McKelvey –OPTIONAL

Mckelvey, Katrina Dandelions EK(Exsile), 2015. $17.99 PICTURE BOOK
A young girl loves dandelions, but her dad explains they are weeds. Dismayed, the girl explains that she wishes to blow the puffballs and that they are magical.  So together the girl and her dad find a few and it starts them on a magical adventure to the amazing places the dandelion seeds travel.
This is a beautiful magical book with stunning illustrations that make me feel like I am laying under trees and feel the swirling of the wind. But alas, this story is also every gardeners/parents worst nightmare. I have a cold chill of horror at the thought of billions of dandelion seeds invading my lawn and the hours of work that it would take to de-lion the yard. I am not sure how I feel about students falling in love with blowing the dandelion seeds around, while the journey of the seed is quite stunning, if we could switch this to lavender seeds, I am game to keep this book for students.
EL(K-3)  –OPTIONAL  Reviewer: Stephanie Elementary School Librarian & Author.

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