Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pete the Cat and the Bad Banana by James Dean -- OPTIONAL

Dean, James Pete the Cat and the Bad Banana. EARLY READER. HarperCollins, 2014. $3.99.

Pete the Cat loves bananas, but after he eats one that's too old, he refuses to touch them again. Out of desperation, his mother makes him banana bread, a banana cream pie, and a banana split -- all in vain. And then Pete has a big race, and he discovers the perfect pre-run food. Suddenly he's "banana for bananas" all over again.

This is a cute premise, and I have tried to love this book, but I just cannot get invested in the story. Is it a book about the importance of enjoying bananas? Because that does seem to be the theme, but is it really such a big deal if a kid doesn't like bananas? Or is it about overcoming food aversions? If so, it's not exactly helpful. My overall impression: Meh.

Pre-K, EL (K-3) -- OPTIONAL. Reviewer: Caryn

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