Saturday, November 7, 2015

Information Insecurity by Brandon January-ADVISABLE

January, Brendon, Information Insecurity. Pgs. 96. Twenty-First Century Books, 2016. INFORMATION. 
Internet is a great tool. It can give us information, keep us in contact with friends and family, shop, and enjoy entertainment. But, by doing so, we may be giving up something important: privacy. What is privacy? How can we keep our privacy while learning from and enjoying what the Internet provides? How does the government monitor and access our information? How do predators and identity thieves access our information? This book answers these questions and more. The layout is easy to follow. The information provided is easy to understand and informative. Primary sources from reputable security experts that help to bring practical application with relation to the material. Included are a glossary, sources for further information, bibliography, and an index to help meet common core standards. MS, HS. ADVISABLE. Reviewer: Jessica M, Library Media Specialist, Olympus Jr. High

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