Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hostage Three by Nick Lake - OPTIONAL

Lake, Nick Hostage Three, 368 pages; Bloomsbury Children’s Books, 2013. $17.99.  Approximately 20 swear words, 13 F words. 

This is Amy Field’s story.  Her mother had suffered from mental illness most of Amy’s life, but when her mom commits suicide and her dad remarries with in the year, the wheels come off of Amy’s life.  To “fix” things, Amy’s Dad buys an elegant yacht and plans a six month trip around the world.  The adventure of a lifetime turns into a fight for a lifetime when Somali pirates hi-jack the yacht and Amy becomes Hostage Three.  The language is tough, there is one very brutal scene that starts out as an attempted rape and ends up as an execution, but the book has an excellent moral.  At the end of the book sullen broken Amy realizes that broken can be fixed.  

Mature themes PG13, violence PG13 maybe R but interesting story and background material make it palatable.  High School interest level, a hesitant yes on the recommendation. 


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