Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Golden Twine (Cat’s Cradle Book #1) by Jo Rioux –ESSENTIAL

Rioux, Jo The Golden Twine (Cat’s Cradle Book #1) 112 pgs. Kids Can Press, Ltd., 2012. $15.52.  (Rating: G)
Suri is an adorable orphan who tries to make a living anyway she can. She hopes to grow up to be an monster tamer –and it just so happens the group she is traveling with has one in their caravan. When she accidently takes some twine from a monster called a caitsith, a whole group of them come after her. Turns out the monster caged up back at camp is an ally and Suri discovers some abilities she had always wanted.
I thought this was a fantastic story! The artwork is top notch and the lead into the story is perfect. I am hooked and I think students will be too! Lots of mysteries left to explore in this story and I can’t wait until the next book comes out!!
ELEMENTARY –ESSENTIAL Reviewer: Stephanie Elementary Librarian & Author.

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