Monday, December 10, 2012

Mr. King’s Things by Genevieve Cote - OPTIONAL

Cote, Genevieve. Mr. King’s Things, PICTURE BOOK.  Kids Can Press Ltd., 2012. $16.95. Content: G. 

Mr. King likes to buy new things. He uses the pond by his home as a garbage pit for all of his old things when he is done with them.  When fishing one day, he snags a “monster” made from all of his old things and runs away.  Along with his friends, Mr. King decides to find new uses for his old things. 

I was really interested in this story at first.  As a former elementary teacher, I was thinking of all sorts of questions I could ask my students as a read aloud.  The end however, was very anticlimactic and stops short. Mr. King seems to randomly change his mind, without any reasoning.  I thought that there could have been so much more explored about environmental respect or at the very least, an appreciation for what you already have.  

EL (K-3) –OPTIONAL. Reviewed by: Shay, Library Media Specialist

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