Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jeremy’s Dreidel by Ellie Gellman –OPTIONAL

Gellman, Ellie and Mola, Maria Jeremy’s Dreidel 32 pgs. Kar-Ben Publishing, 2012. $12.21.  (Rating: G)
All the kids at the Jewish Community center are making their own dreidels, including Jeremy –who is making his out of clay. Jeremy is making it extra special just for his dad, who is blind. The kids talk about the meaning of the dreidel and detailed explanations of how to create your own dreidel and play with it are included.
I was left confused by the explanation of the dreidel. What made it even more confusing was that the book delves into how it’s different in Israel than elsewhere. I really liked the story and the included craft element –but this book isn’t going to cut it educationally for a non-Jewish student to learn from. I found this to be true for other books from this publisher.
EL -OPTIONAL Reviewer: Stephanie Elementary Librarian & Author.

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