Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Living On Impulse by Cara Haycak

Haycak, Cara  Living On Impulse, 292 pages. Dunton Books,2009. Language-Pg-13 (5 Swears, 0"f"), Sexual Content-G; Violence-PG (there is some fighting between people). Mia Morrow is just a normal teenage girl who goes to a normal highschool with normal friends, but she has one secret she is a shoplifter. Everyday at lunch Mia goes out and takes one think but one day when she tries to take a silver shoe she gets caught on camera. When Mia goes to meet with the mall owner she tries to lie to cover it but then the truth ends up coming out. When Mia's mom comes to get her they get into an argument and her life just gets worse from there. This was a really good book, a little bit hard to get into but once you get past that it is a really good book. MS/HS-ESSENTIAL. STUDENT REVIEWER: MM

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