Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fire Drill by Paul DuBois and Jennifer Swender

Jacobs, DuBois Paul, and Swender, Jennifer Fire Drill 32 p . Henry Holt and Company 2010. $15.99. PICTURE BOOK. Language - G; Sexual Content - G; Violence - G. This is a cute book that would be good to read to kids that are just starting school and have never heard of a fire drill. It explains what behaviors are expected from the students, and the rules that need to be followed. When you hear a bell ringing, you should put down your toys, line up and follow your teacher outside. Once the fire drill is over, you can go inside, sit on the rug, and get a sticker and a hug from your teacher. Fire Drill contains good content, and the illustrations are cute too. EL(K-3) - ESSENTIAL. Anna Mattheus, Elementary Teacher.

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