Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dad, Are You the Tooth Fairy? by Jason Alexander

Alexander, Jason. Dad, Are You the Tooth Fairy? Illustrated by Ron Spears. Orchard Books, 2005. $16.95. PICTURE BOOK. Reprint. For years Gaby put his teeth under his pillow and when he woke up he would receive coins and a note from his personal tooth fairy Gwyneth. Gaby heard from older kids that there were no such things as superheroes and magic. He also heard that parents put the money under the pillow. Gaby asked his dad for the truth. His father answered that magical creatures used to roam the earth like dinosaurs, but left. Fairies were the last to go and if you listen closely you can hear their voices. His father explained that he does take the teeth, but he listens carefully and writes the notes from the tooth fairy. The premise is fun and the illustrations are truly magical. The writing is mediocre at best, clearly a celebrity and not an author. EL – OPTIONAL. Samantha, Public Librarian.

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