Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Wendy Project by Melissa Osborne

Osborne, Melissa Jane The Wendy Project, 91 pgs. Emetcomics, 2016. $12.99.  Language: PG (two swears); Mature Content: PG; Violence PG.  Graphic Novel.

The Wendy Project is loosely based on the Peter Pan story.  When Wendy loses her little brother, Michael, in a car accident, she is convinced that he has been taken away by Peter Pan.  The lines between modern day high school and fantasy blur as Wendy tries to find a way to Michael and thinks she sees Neverland characters at school.  Wendy’s therapist has her write down her thoughts in a book.  The reader is left to determine whether Neverland really exists or is a coping mechanism.  

The book has a great idea as it takes on dealing with grief and loss, but it was a confusing read.  The reader is left to draw a lot of inferences on their own, which may be great for a support group, but difficult as an individual read.

MS/HS-OPTIONAL.  Michelle in the Middle

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