Friday, April 28, 2017

The Runaway by Kate O'Hearn - OPTIONAL

O’Hearn, Kate Valkyrie: The Runaway, 350 pgs.  Aladdin, 2014.  $17.99.  Language G; Mature Content: PG; Violence PG-13.
In book two of the Valkyrie series, Freya again returns to earth (aka Midgard) to find a runaway Valkyrie.  She must be careful because Asgard could be facing a war between the nine realms, and Odin wants all of his Valkyries to stand with him.  In the process, Freya uncovers a lot of family secrets and discovers the traitor to Asgard, putting her life at risk as well as those she loves.  I love the plot set-up.  Valkyries are cool to the power of 12.  However, this book is so dialogue heavy that there isn’t much time for characters to ponder or come to grips with life-changing information.  There are so many family secrets that get revealed it’s almost like a soap opera and no one seems particularly fazed to find out they are related to Norse Gods or that Valkyries and flying horses exist. The fight scenes would be more exciting if Valkyries weren’t healed so quickly.  There wasn’t a lot of tension and the characters weren’t developed.  I know more about Loki’s character from watching Thor movies.
MS/HS - OPTIONAL.  Michelle in the Middle

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