Monday, April 24, 2017

13 Reasons Why -- revisited

In 2008 Allison wrote the KTB review for a compelling new book, 13 Reasons Why   I loved the book so much that when I met Jay Asher at ALA, I bought ten copies of the book so that my daughter would have plenty to give away as she met people who needed to read it.  We only had two left after she finished high school.  Now the kids at my school are talking all about the new Netflix series.   It took me almost as long to watch it as it took Clay to listen to the tapes.  I had to take breaks to breathe and to absorb. But I finally did finish.
I remember way back when I heard that Selena Gomez was interested in playing Hannah - I wasn't too thrilled about her portraying Hannah.  Several years have passed and she is, instead,  the Executive Producer on the final project and she did the original text justice!  So much depth and added back story.  I loved it with all of my heart.  And after the 13 episodes came 13 Reasons Why - Behind the Reasons.  Don't forget to watch that part!  It talks about the care that was taken during production, about choices that lead to suicide, about rape culture, and so much more.  They have also set up a website for anyone who needs support.
I have always thought 13 Reasons Why was a masterpiece and now the visual component is a new touchstone when it comes to  teen viewing.
If truly feel sorry for those who dismiss Hannah as a stupid girl who killed herself.  Is it a lack of empathy?  Hits too close to a nerve? I don't know.  But I have never forgotten her - and I never will. --Cindy

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