Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon - ADVISABLE

Yoon, Nicola The Sun is Also a Star, 344 pgs. Penguin Random House (Delacourt) 2016. $18.99. Language: R (39 swears, 14 “f”); Mature Content: PG13; Violence: PG.  

Are our lives predetermined by fate? Are certain people destined to fall in love, or is it all chance?  Natasha and Daniel have a very important busy day; Natasha lives in New York with her family, but they are undocumented immigrants from Jamaica, and, because their dad got a DUI, are being deported at 10:00 pm.  Natasha is desperately trying to get help so she can stay - she has an appointment with an attorney who might be able to help.  Daniel, whose Korean parents are insisting he go to medical school at Yale, has a college interview. He is on his way to get a haircut before his appointment when he sees Natasha.  This chance meeting changes everything.  As they spend the day together, and slowly share their lives with each other, they try not to fall in love - but fate might be thinking differently.  

This is a marvelous character study.  Told in alternating perspectives (mostly Daniel’s and Natasha’s - but also the people they come in contact with) the writing is superb, and the story makes you think about love, life, family, culture and what’s really important.  Sad, funny and heartfelt - this story of meeting and falling in love over the course of one day is sexy but not graphic, poignant without being sappy and a beautiful read.  

HS - ADVISABLE  Lisa Librarian

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