Sunday, March 5, 2017

Reach for the Moon, Little Lion by Hildegard Muller - OPTIONAL

Muller, Hildegard Reach for the Moon, Little Lion. PICTURE BOOK. Holiday House, 2017. $16.95. 

A little lion--smaller than any other--is regularly picked on by a gang of other animals. They tease him about his size and as a result, the little lion feels smaller than ever. The crocodile tells him that real lions are big enough to touch the moon with a paw, and such a feat seems impossible to the little lion. But a wise raven directs the little lion to reach for the moon one night, and with a little help from distance and perspective, the little lion does appear to "touch" the moon--silencing his critics and giving him the confidence and self-esteem boost he needs. 

This is a nice picture book in the tradition of classic animal fables. The illustrations are simple, the text is a good length for a read-aloud, and the "good guy" wins in the end. There is nothing to really criticize about it, but nothing to truly rave about either. It would be a good book to utilize in a classroom lesson about bullying or respect. 

EL (K-3), EL--OPTIONAL. Reviewer: TC

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