Monday, March 6, 2017

Maxi’s Secret’s by Lynn Plourde - OPTIONAL

Plourde, Lynn Maxi’s Secret’s, 262 pages Nancy Paulson, 2014, $17.  Language: G; Mature Content: G; Violence: G

Timminy is a 5th grade kid who likes to make fun of his shortness.  When he moves to the country, his parents let him get a dog. Maxi is a big white puppy, but he  is deaf.  While trying to help Maxi though her deaf life, Timminy meets Abby, a blind 8th grader who thinks she can conquer anything that comes her way. They become best friends.  Timminy discovers that being short is not the worst of his problems.

This book would be for elementary kids or 7th graders.  It is a really easy read, but is still a heart warming little book.

EL, MS - OPTIONAL.  Student Reviewer A.X.K, 7th grade

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