Friday, March 10, 2017

Good Night, Little Billy-Bob by Pauline Our - OPTIONAL

Oud, Pauline Good Night, Little Billy-Bob, PICTURE BOOK. Clavis Publishing. 2016. Content: G. 

Little Billy-Bob is going through his bedtime routine. He gets on his pajamas and brushes his teeth. Then, he forgets to do some things and climbs out of his bed again. After he says goodnight to the moon, stars, cat and dog, and toys, he is ready to snuggle with his bunny and go to sleep. 

As his story is told, there are questions along the way for little readers to easily find connections with their own life. Parents have a built-in discussion for them to enjoy if they ask these questions. The structure of the book is a mix between a board book and a hard cover picture book. The pages are a little more sturdy. The illustrations are cute and inviting. 

Pre-K - OPTIONAL. Reviewer: Amy, Elementary Teacher.  

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