Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ghost of a Chance by Lauren Barnholdt - OPTIONAL

Barnholdt, Lauren Ghost of a Chance, 225 pgs. Aladdin, 2014. $15.99. Language: PG (11 swears - all diety) Mature Content: PG; Violence: G. 

Kendall is in 7th grade.  She has a boyfriend, Brandon, who just broke up with her.  Her best friend, Ellie, won’t speak to her. Her worst enemy, Madison, is spreading rumors about her. Oh, and Kendall can see ghosts.  They come to her for help in moving on.  But Kendall can’t tell anyone, they will think she’s crazy.  That’s how all the trouble with Brandon and Ellie started.  The ghost in book 3 is Madison’s sister Lily.  

Be sure to read books 1 and 2 of the "Girl Meets Ghost" series first.  This one doesn’t stand on its own, it ties up all the loose ends from the first two books.  Not as funny as the others, the ghost business is mild, not scary or even all that important to the story.  Because #2 ends with a cliff hanger, you’ll want this to complete the set, but, spoiler alert, the cliff hanger doesn’t really resolve, or even matter all that much.  Disappointed.  

EL, MS OPTIONAL  Lisa Librarian

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