Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mrs. Mo’s Monster by Paul Beavis - ADVISABLE

Beavis, Paul, Mrs. Mo’s Monster. PICTURE BOOK. Gecko Press. 2014.

Mrs. Mo’s Monster is a cute little story with simple words and pictures that any child will love to look at over and over again. When Mrs. Mo finds a monster at her door, she is a little frustrated that all he seems to want to do is “Crunch, Munch and Chew!” No matter what other activities she introduces him to, he is set in his ways…that is until she begins to bake a cake. The monster learns he is actually great at assisting in baking and lends a hand to make the perfect birthday party for Mr. Mo. 

This book is clever and fun without being too silly and it will appeal to children and children at heart. I highly recommend this book for story time with a little one!

Pre-K—ADVISABLE. Reviewer: Jessica., Language Arts teacher

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