Monday, April 20, 2015

The Killing Woods by Lucy Christopher - PUBLIC

Christopher, Lucy. The Killing Woods, 359 pgs. Chicken House LTD, 2013. $14.14. Language R: (50 swears,  20+ "f"), Violence PG-13.

Damon and Emily were the two main characters, and I felt sorry for them.   Emily's father has a history of PTSD.  So when he comes out of the woods carrying some girl’s dead body, things get heated.  Emily knows, deep down, that her father is innocent and she sets out to prove herself  right.  Damon is the dead girl’s boyfriend.  He knows that Emily's father is guilty and he sets out to prove himself right.  Throughout the book, the two characters have to deal with each other and find out who killed the girl from the woods. 

I loved how the book went back and forth from two different perspectives.  It gave the story a 3D viewpoint instead of a 2D viewpoint.  I didn't like how the middle of the story was slow and dull.  The beginning and end take you for a roller coaster ride, but the middle is like waiting in line to ride the ride.  With that being said, the book was very good. 


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