Thursday, April 17, 2014

Willow by Tonya Hegamin - ADVISABLE

Hegamin Tonya Cherie Willow, 374 p. Candlewick, 2014.  $17.

  Willow’s father is an obedient slave to his master, having grown up with him almost as a trusted friend.  Willow is 15 now, though, so it is time for her to marry and the Master has started courting a woman who is more interested in the slaves for their value as property.  Cato is a 17-year-old free black man who sees Willow and is instantly attracted.  When he tries to help a different slave escape, though, he breaks his leg and is now in dire circumstances.  Hegamin draws a worthwhile portrait of slavery.  I keep thinking that there isn’t much more to say, but then a fresh voice breathes life to this time period again.  

MS - ADVISABLE.  Cindy, Library Teacher

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