Saturday, April 19, 2014

Colors by Sophie Pelham - OPTIONAL

Pelham, Sophie  Colors  Penguin, 2012.  $6.99  BOARD BOOK  Content: G.  

This is a lift the flap book that covers the colors of the rainbow.  It asks questions that cause the reader to not just learn the color, but to count the number of balls, sunrays, or whatever the picture might be.  The flaps are half circles and when the flap is lifted it’s not a particular picture as much as a zig-zag  or geometric designs.  Instead of blue and purple it calls them indigo and violet, which might be a bit of a stretch for little readers.  Overall it’s a visually appealing book that labels colors, but has more complex terms than your younger reader might understand.  The pages are made with heavy card stock, but not quite as strong as a normal board book.  

PREK-OPTIONAL.  Reviewer, C. Peterson. 

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