Wednesday, April 23, 2014

One Big Blue Family by Hapka - ADVISABLE

Hapka, Catherine Rio 2: One Big Blue Family. EARLY READER: 2. Harper Festival, 2014. $3.99. 

Blu family sees Tulio and Linda on TV in the Amazon jungle and decided to join them. They don’t find them but discover  Jewel’s long lost family. Blu has a hard time fitting in because he has never lived in the wild. 

Having never seen the movie Rio, I had a hard time relating to this book, but if you read this book before you read Rio 2: Vacation in the Wild then it will make more sense. The pictures look like still shots from the movie. Also, this is a level 2 book in the “I Can Read!” series. On a side note, this book is similar to other Rio 2 books released the same time. You probably only need to purchase one of them.

EL (K-3) ADVISABLE.  Reviewer: SM

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