Friday, November 4, 2011

Tiffany's Table Manners for Teenagers (50th anniversary) by Walter Hoving by –NOT RECOMMENDED.

Hoving, Walter Tiffany's Table Manners for Teenagers (50th anniversary), 96 pgs. Random House Books for Young Readers, 2011. $11.98. NON-FICTION.
A lovely reprint of Hovings original table manners for teenagers, which includes where to put your elbows, how to deal with utensils, and where to put your napkin.
I am of the opinion that most Teenagers wouldn’t touch this book. It is outdated and offers little advice to the modern teen of today. An update of this book might be a fun item –dealing with cell phones at the table, how to eat pizza with some class, etc. Even at that, I still don’t think teens will find this type of rule making and advice appealing.
MS, HS – NOT RECOMMENDED Reviewer: Stephanie MLS graduate

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