Friday, November 11, 2011

The Bear Who Shared by Catherine Rayner - ESSENTIAL

Rayner, Catherine The Bear Who Shared 32 pg. Dial BFYR, 2011. PICTURE BOOK. $16.99. Norris is a wise old bear who waits patiently for a plorringe to fall from the tree. Tulip and Violet, a raccon and mouse, also want the plorringe but aren't as patient as wise old Norris. With the help of Norris, they all get some plorringe plus a friend.
Good story that could be great for a lesson on values like patience, sharing, and kindness. I loved Tulip and Violets curiosity over the plorringe, although I thought choosing a "plorringe" as a fruit was slightly confusing. Outstanding illustrations! The composition and expression are so unique that you could just look at the pictures all day. EL-ESSENTIAL. Whitney, Library-Teacher.

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