Sunday, November 6, 2011

More Bloody Horowitz by Anthony Horowitz- ADVISABLE

Horowitz, Anthony. More Bloody Horowitz, 224 pgs.  Penguin, 2011.  $12.99.  Language- G.  Sexual Content-G.  Violence- PG.  Back cover: “Whatever you do, don’t turn out the lights!  A teen gang leader taken for a deadly ride by a car with a mind of its own.  A boy haunted by a phantom cobra.  A reality TV show pitting teens against grown-ups- with only one survivor.  From whose twisted mind can such gruesome stories unfold?  Ah, yes.  Anthony Horowitz.”  This book has individual scary stories.  I really liked this book.  The stories weren’t wimpy, but actual scary stories.  I liked that it was broken into a lot of short stories. It’s a really good book for older kids.  I don’t recommend it for little kids. Middle School. ADVISABLE.  Student Reviewed: ML-12

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