Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Girl Wonder by Alexa Martin - NO

Martin, Alexa  Girl Wonder, 285 pgs.  Hyperion, 2011.  $16.99 Language R (57 swears, 5 “F” words); Mature Content R; Violence-PG; Charlotte is an intelligent girl who’s family moves to Oregon, so she has to change schools.  Because of her learning disability in math, her grades aren’t good enough to get into a good high school, so she finds herself among the unruly kids at the local public school.  While there, she struggles to find her place and falls in with the most popular girl, who draws Charlotte into a life of drugs and sex.  As Charlotte rides the downward spiral, her parents end up divorcing and she quits school.  Just when she figures out who she is, and the book becomes enjoyable, it ends. HS-NO. Reviewer, C. Peterson.

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