Monday, November 14, 2011

Passion by Lauren Kate - ADVISABLE

Kate, Lauren Passion, 420 p. Delacorte (Random), 2011. $18.  Language: PG-13 (15+ swears, 0 ‘f’).  Luce’s and Daniel’s love affair goes back further time than she ever suspected.  After she dives through the Announcer in order escape the pressures being applied by Daniel, Cam, Miles and all of the Outcasts, she realizes that journeying back through her lifetimes may give her the clues she needs to decide for herself what her destiny actually is.  She’s joined on her journey by a small gargoyle who tells her to call him Bill.  Every step she tales, every life she experiences. Puches her further back in time – could she be going back to the ultimate beginning.  Her only hope is that at the end, she will have the knowledge she needs to choose her future for herself.  Luce finally comes into her own in the final book of this trilogy.  I was actually able to forgive the first two books for their flaws, as they setup a great ending.  HS - ADVISABLE.  Cindy, Library Teacher

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