Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Looking for the Easy Life by Walter Dean Myers - NOT RECOMMENDED

Myers, Walter Dean Looking for the Easy Life illustrated by Lee Harper 40 pg. Harper Collins, 2011. PICTURE BOOK. $16.99. Five monkeys set off to find the easy life only to find that easy isn't always good and a little work isn't always bad.
This book was HORRENDOUS. Right from the start I was turned off by the amount of text on each page and from there it just went downhill. The grammar in this book is a joke. Nobody would enjoy having this read out loud to them as it would just grate on their ears. The story didn't flow and barely made sense. Some of the content was inappropriate for a children's book...(when the moon came up the lion went off to mess with his girlfriend...really?!?! The monkeys tail gets bit off which is gross in itself but then you can see blood on the tail.) Wouldn't recommend this even for public libraries. I can't believe it was even published. EL-NOT RECOMMENDED. Whitney, Library-Teacher.

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