Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Art Collector by Jan Wahl - OPTIONAL

Wahl, Jan.  The Art Collector, illustrated by Rosalinde Bonnet.  Charlesbridge, 2011. $15.95. PICTURE BOOK.  When Oscar visited Great-Granny (who only looks like a great-grandma because she has glasses dangling on a necklace and her hair is gray--not even white; otherwise she looks as wrinkle free and young as I imagine Oscar's mom would look), she drew him a picture of a chicken.  Oscar's parents helped him frame the picture, and that was the beginning of his art collection.  He collected and collected and collected some more.  Well, I didn't love this book.  I didn't hate it, but like so many picture books, it seemed to be trying too hard to be artistic and clever.  I can't imagine someone would be inspired to collect art by reading this book.  Pre-K, EL(K-3) - OPTIONAL.  Brent Smith, Reading Teacher

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