Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Little Bea by Daniel Roode -OPTIONAL

Roode, Daniel Little Bea, 32 pgs. Greenwillow Books, 2011. $10.59.
This pre-k book is about a bee named Bea. After the sun wakes Bea up, she buzzes around to play with all of her friends. From Ducks to Deer to Butterflies, everyone is fun and happy. When night comes the moon tucks her into her flower for a good nights sleep.
Featuring lots of noises and sounds, large clear artwork, and possibilities for accompanying actions, this book would be a great book to read for a story time to pre-school students. If you have a younger student body, like an onsite pre-school, this book could work for you. But I felt that text was too simple and the artwork was too computer generated looking (in a boring way) to appeal to older students.
Pre-K –OPTIONAL. Reviewer: Stephanie MLS graduate.

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