Sunday, April 17, 2011

A to Z Mysteries: Sleepy Hollow Sleepover by Ron Roy - ESSENTIAL

Roy, Ron A to Z Mysteries: Sleepy Hollow Sleepover 144 pgs. illustrated by John Steven Gurney Random House, 2010. EARLY READER. $4.99. In this super-edition, the adventures of Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose continue! Celebrating Halloween in Sleepy Hollow, NY, the threesome is in for a spooktacular time! Sleeping in the "Haunted House" cabin, going on haunted hayrides, and participating in a spooky carnival is just the beginning of their adventures! When someone burns down the hayride wagons and slashes the police mens car tires, the threesome follow the clues to solve the mystery, but it is not what they expected! 
I'll be honest, I was at the edge of my seat during some parts of this! I thought it might be a titch scary for younger kids (especially if you don't keep reading to find out what happens). And of course it errs on the cheesy side and the adventure seems a little far-fetched for these kids (I would freak out as a parent if my kids were kidnapped!) but it does entertain. 
Also featured is a hidden message within the illustrations...makes it fun to look at those. EL-ESSENTIAL. Whitney, Library-Teacher. 

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